DragonBall Pornography Story: z women 04 – Chapter Four – By Goat

DragonBall Pornography Story: z women 04 – Chapter Four – By Goat

Z Girls

Chapter 4

By Goat

So when is dad supposed
to come home?Bra said as she ate her
spaghetti.Well, youre father is a
stubborn ass.So I guess hell pop in
when he needs me to do something for him.Bulma said as tightened her grip on her fork.Why do you get so made when dad goes on his training
trips?Bra said as she picked up a
glass of wine and took a sip.Because
he only comes home if he needs something fixed or he needs money.Not because he missed me.Hes just an ass, but I guess I still love
him no matter what he does.Bulma said
as she relaxed.I mean he gave me two
beautiful kids, so some good came from him.Bulma laughed.From what I have
been told of him he really has calmed down.Bra said as she finished her dinner.Yeah, your parents are the perfect couple.Bulma said as she put her plate in the dishwasher.

Bulma frowned as she was
about to light a cigarette.You know
what, I dont need this.Bulma said as
she put the cigarette away.Its time
I quit anyways.Bulma said as she
squished the cigarette pack and threw it in the trash. So just how much
exercising did you girls get today?Bulma said smiling at Bra.We
got some exercise in.Pan said she saw
you come in for a second.Bra said as
she closed the dishwasher.Yeah, you
two looked like you were really having fun.I mean you two were really into each other.Bulma said.So how much
did you see?Bra asked as she walked
to the table.A few seconds, but that
was all I needed.Bulma said as she
walked over to Bra.It made me
remember the first time I made love to a woman.It was sometime Cell was defeated and Eight-teen helped me
through my pregnancy.A week after you
were born your father said I disserved a night to relax.So me, Eight-teen and Chichi had a girls
night out.Bulma said as she sat at
the table.Chichi was the designated
driver. Me and Eight-teen got drunk.Not puke and pass out drunk, but more like loss of inhibitions
drunk.Bulma said as she took a sip of
wine.Mom, after a week I was
born?Bra said as she stared at her
mother.I was mad that your father
missed the whole thing because he was out training.I had my chance to have some fun and I went too wild.Bulma said.Tell me more.Bra said as she
looked with angst at her mother.Well,
Chichi was driving me home first.So me
and Eight-teen fooled around.Bulma
said with a giggle.When Chichi got us
back here.Eight-teen said that she
should stay here and sober up some.Krilin would be mad at her for drinking anyways.So she dropped us off and went back
home.Bulma said as she took another
sip of wine.Come on, get to the good
parts.Bra said with an enthusiastic
gleam in her eyes.

Calm down, Im telling the
way it happened.Bulma said as she
leaned back in her chair.We snuck
into the spaceship and decided that it would be fun without the gravity.We hung out for a few hours, letting our
heads clear up when Eight-teen bumped into me.What was weird about that was that I could feel her breasts pushed
against me.Bulma sighed as she looked
at Bra.We still were somewhat drunk,
but I pulled her to me and hugged her.For a few minutes it seemed okay but then she kissed me.Lets just say that we woke up as the sun
rose and we both were naked and sleeping in my bed, in the house.I remembered it all except how we made it in
the house.At dinner that night Vegeta
told me that he knew that we were in there.He saw us come home and when he put you to bed, he went out and
carefully carried me and eight-teen into the house.Bulma said as she smiled.He brought us in the house and put us in my bed.That was the most romantic thing he ever
did.He wasnt mad or anything.That was the first time I saw him smile,
that week he was so nice, he took care of everything.Bulma sighed with contentment.See, he does care for you.Its just hard for him to really express
himself when people see him like that.Bra said as she finished her wine.Not to mention hes fixed, but that was the biggest reason hes gone so
much.If he cant reproduce like a man
then hell train like a man.Bulma said
as she looked at Bra.Anyways Pan
loved it.Im sure that Pan will be
using it very soon.Bra said with a
laugh.So did you make some for us to
enjoy Mom?Bra asked


Yes I have, but I want you
to know that these two are just for us to enjoy.Bulma said as she opened her capsule pack and took one out.This has everything that we need.Bulma said as she pressed the capsule and
tossed it into the air.In a puff of
smoke it turned into a box and fell onto the table.But first I want you to know that the sensitivity has been
upgraded, it feels more like a real dick.And after its use, your clit will still be super sensitive, but not for
as long as the first one was.Bulma
said as Bra went to grab one of the Z dicks.Not right now.I know you want
to try them out Bra, but I just want some good old mother daughter
bonding.Just the two of us and no
toys.Bulma said as she lifted her
skirt up a bit.I shaved just for you
too.Bulma said as she slipped her
skirt over her hips exposing her bald pussy.Come over here and rub it.No
hair what so ever.Bulma said as Bra
walked over and rubbed Bulma.Its
nice and smooth.Thats just the way I
like it, perfect for oral stimulation.Bra said as she kneeled down in front of Bulma.And there is a lovely fragrance coming from
down here too.Bra said as she pressed
her nose into Bulma and inhaled deeply.That is my all natural scent.I
dont believe in perfume.Bulma
laughed as Bra rubbed her nose against her.That tickles Bra, do it some more.Bulma laughed as Bra rubbed Bulmas inner thighs.Youre in great shape Mom, such silky
smooth skin, no blemishes.Bra said as
she continues to run her hands over Bulmas skin.Ill tell you my secret later.Bulma said as she put her hands on Bras shoulders and brought her up to
her face.Playtime is over, time to
get to the real job at hand.Bulma said
as she hugged Bra and kissed her lips.

Bra moaned into her mother
mouth as time stopped.They slowly
rubbed their bodies against each other as Bulma unbuttoned Bras shirt and slid
it over her shoulders.Bra meanwhile
undid the buckle of her mothers belt and Bulmas skirt fell to the
ground.Bulma broke the kiss.I see youre still not wearing a bra.Bulma said as Bra laughed.Why should I wear a bra if my mother never
wears a Bra.Bra unbuttoned her
Mothers lab coat and sighed as it fell to the floor.See, no bra.Bra
laughed as she lifted Bulmas shirt over her head.When youre right youre right.Bulma said as she slid Bras pants to the floor.At least you started to shy away from
thongs.You would complain about them
all the time.Bulma said as she
slipped a hand down Bras panties.That tickles Mom, stop that.Bra laughed as Bulma slid Bras panties down.This is nice.Nice and
trim.Bulma slid her fingers along
Bras pubic hairMom, that really
tickles.Bra said as Bulma
stopped.Well we both are standing
here naked, like so many times before.Bulma said as Bra hugged her mashing their breasts together.Bulma laid Bra on the dinner table and lay
on top of her daughter.Yeah, I feel
the same way about you Bra.Bulma
started to lick Bras lips as Bra slowly opened her mouth.Bra moans were muffled as Bulma entered her
mouth.Bulma started to grind her hips
against Bra as Bra started to laugh.Mom that really tickles.Bra
yelled after she broke the kiss.I
know, but it feels nice against my bare skin.Bulma laughed as she vigorously rubbed against Bra.The table started to creak just as Bra
breasts started to sway.Bulma stopped
and stood up.Lets have a little
fun.Bulma flipped Bra over and
started to lick her spine.Ohh, that
tickles too mom.Bra laughed as Bulma
licked between Bras ass cheeks.Its
been a while since you gave me a rim job.Bra laughed as Bulma thrust her tongue deep inside Bras ass.

That feels so weird Mom wiggle it inside me a little.Bra moaned as she started to shake her
hips.Ohhh Mom, lick me deeper. Stick
it deep inside me!Bra yelled as Bulma
stopped and sat on the table.Time for
you to eat your dessert.Bulma said as
She flipped Bra over and sat on her face.Lick it all up my little girl.Bulma moaned as she leaned on Bra and did the same.They were lying on the table the front door
opened up and Vegeta walked in.He
looked around and Saw Bra and Bulma on the table.Damn women.He
whispered as he quietly walked down to his gym room.Neither Bulma nor Bra saw him enter and leave.They were greedily licking each other to an
orgasm.They both let out loud groans
as they both came together.Bulma
rolled off of Bra and started to pant.That was great, you are a real good mother fucker.Bulma laughed as Bra lay next to her.

That was fun, but I want to
try something new Mom.Bra said as
Bulma looked at her.There is a little
technique I read about on the web.Bra
said as she sat up.I need you to
stand up.And hold on to
something.Bra said as she started to
finger Bulma.Is this the techniques
because this feels the ahhhhh?Bulma
yelled as she grabbed a pipe to hold herself up.What do you think of this Mom.Bra said as she thrust her finger in her mother faster.AHHHHHHH!! Was all that Bulma could say
just as she screamed.Im
cumming!!Bra pulled her fingers out
as Bulma ejaculated.A white stream of
ejaculate splashed on Bra and flew all over the table.Bulma was still screaming as Bra covered her
mothers spurting pussy and suck the rest out of her mother.Bulma whimpered as Bra helped her down.I didnt think I could do that without our
toy.How did you do it?Bulma asked as Bra showed Bulma her
hand.I heard that this is an easy way
to stimulate a womans g-spot that allows for a female to ejaculate.

Bulma pushed Bra on the
table and started to finger her pussy.So it went like this?Bulma
asked as she rubbed the inside of Bra.Not so rough, be gentle, and youll know when you find the,
ahhhhhhhh!Bra screamed.This must be the right spot.Bulma said as she rubbed the same spot
again.Ahhhhhh god, dont tease me
like ahhhhhhh! Bra screamed as Bulma fingered her g-spot.Come on baby, show me what you can
do.Bulma said as she rubbed Bras
clit with her thumb.Its too much
Mom, Im going to cum.Im going to
CUMMMMMMMM!!Bra screamed as she
ejaculated all over Bulma.Come on and
let Mommy taste her daughters sweet, sweet sugar.Bulma said as she clamped her mouth over Bras pussy and drank
all the ejaculate that she could take.Bra wiggled on the table as Bulma sat next to her.That was a great taste you have.Bulma said as she kissed Bra.Like mother like daughter.Bra said as they hugged.But it really takes it out of you.Bulma said as they fell asleep.

The next day Bulma woke up
next to Bra in her bed.What the, how
did we get here?Bulma said as she
looked at Bra.He did it again.Bulma said as she ran downstairs and there
was Vegeta cooking breakfast.About
time you woke up.Thanks for leaving me
a big mea big mess to clean up.I
didnt think youd be home today.Vegeta looked at Bulma.I came
home last night.You and our daughter
were too focused on getting off to see me.Vegeta said as Bulma looked at him.If you were around more I wouldnt be turning to her.Bulma said as Vegeta walked over to the
table and sat a plate down.You can
have this, Ill make another for me.Vegeta said as he walked back to the kitchen.I decided that I am going to be around here more often.One week a month Ill go on my training
trip.Vegeta said as he looked at
Bulma.I saw what Bra did to you, and
I was interested.Vegeta said.When I Vegeta smiled as he went back to
cooking.Bulma looked at Vegeta.Id like that, but the week youre gone is
ladies week.Bulma smiled as she
started to eat her breakfast.Ill go
with that, I always wondered what the other ladies tasted like too.Vegeta and Bulma laughed at that
comment.Maybe they would like to join
us sometime, I mean we are all friends.Bulma said as she drank her coffee.Maybe after breakfast we can wake up Bra for a little fun.With all the cum a saiyan can produce.Bulma said.Not to mention that Im fixed too.Vegeta said as images of him and Bra flooded his head.

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