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DragonBall Porn Story: The Pain she felt

DragonBall Porn Story: The Pain she felt

The sound of the headboard against the wall made her wince; the banging would most certainly wake up Tyson this time. Only the fact that his infant daughter had kept him up all last night kept him asleep through their (mostly her) gasps and moans. Tired though he may be, she didn’t think he would sleep though the banging against the wall separating their two rooms.

“Kai,” she gasped out, mostly in pleasure but also in warning. He was being too rough again, thrusting above her hard enough to shake the bed and send the headboard crashing into the thin motel walls. Fortunately her lover was quite perceptive in almost all things. Removing a hand from under her thigh, he brought it up to grip the railing on the headboard, skimming her side as he did so.

Gripping the bar in one hand prevented it from snapping back against the wall, but also gave Kai more leverage to thrust into her harder. Which he did. With zeal.

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